This is so boring to other people..

So welcome on my blog..

This is actually not really a blog for people to read.. it's not that I don't want you to read it.. but I don't think you're gonna enjoy it or something.. Tong uitstekend


been out and nailed it

So when the weekend finally arrived I still haven't heard from my friend if we're going out or not.. at the last moment when I was already in my PJ's she texted me. I had to deside.. stay in my routine watching mtv or put on my nice clothes, apply some makeup and simply go. After a little time I decided to go. well nailed it. It was kinda fun, but after those 3 hours of stupid dancing and the guy attention I wanted I was exhausted as fuck.. In my fantacy I would met a matty mckibben kind of guy who I could talk to and okay maybe a little dirty things.. But I had a biiiig reality check. there were a few nice guys but of course they were drunk and smelling like beer. so no kissing for me and no talking and deep conversations..

I'm sure going out again some time.. but for now I'm just going for the reality shows on mtv, a ciggarette and an energy drink. cheers! Knipoog 

skipping reality

Sometimes I wish I lived in a movie or tv show.. (like awkward because that would perfectly fit me) Well, I wish, because Jenna may be the dorky freak on the show, but is still 2000 x prettier than me.

Today sucked so hard. I binged a lot. I eat or actually more like chew on food, and than spit it out. But still I do gain weight because of that. I was so good on track with my diet. This weekend my mom is out of town, so I'm gonna skip every single sip in the mouth, and just work out a lot on the wii. I will mantain my goal weight this year so yeah, have to work hard on that one. Besides, I want to have a killer body if I wanna go out again, otherwise I will be too insecure to find my (hard needed) male attention.

 I need to be punished for what I did today with eating, so I have to write down tomorrow what I eat and if I'm going to binge, what I binged. that's a real punishement because I hate to confront myself with that kinda stuff.

Well. That was the story of today. Lame as always but at least it's off my chest. for now, I'm gonna be miserable and fat. I'm actually thinking of an ice cube diet.. we'll see.

 Bye. x 

feeling excited?

Today whas a lazy and kind of a shitty day. I smoked way too much cigarettes and whatched tv shows. I wonder if I must be excited for this weekend or really nervous.. I don't even know if I'm going out, cause my friend is kinda ignorring me (not on purpose). My best friend sais today that it is time to remove the spiderwebs.. he's so right, and maybe it's gonna happen if i'm going out.. well that was the story of today.. whoop what a crazy life this is Knipoog

Day one

So this is my first blog..
Today wasn't really a surprising day.. Sometimes I wish I was in college or something like that. My life is such a routine.
I'm probably gonna post most of the time sad stories about my awkward things going on.

I'm really looking forward to saturday. Saturday is the day I'm going out. I haven't been out properly since I think 3/4 years. I swear I need some guy attention, otherwise I will probaby die alone with like 200 budgies around me Tong uitstekend